Production Of Industrial Equipment

Specialization of Rostehno Company is production of the industrial equipment, including automatic machines and lines of production of fittings, a profile, air ducts, food products and light industry`s products.

The main components of the quality of our machines

1. The highest level of components of European and Russian production;

2. Exceptional build quality with all technical parameters;

3. Repeated testing of each node and mechanism;

4. Taking into account the individual requirements of the customer.

Thanks to this, we give 2-year guarantee for our equipment and have been working flawlessly for decades.     

We don`t limit our work to a specific sphere, and having a great development experience behind shoulders, we make the equipment for a wide range of directions:

  • Food production (Automated and automatic production lines of confectionery, flour, dairy products, snacks, crackers, vegetables, fruits, sunflowers, grain, etc.)
  • Production of beverages (Automated and automatic lines for blowing, filling and packaging of carbonated, non-carbonated, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, both clock and carousel type)
  • Production of metal products (Automated and automatic lines of hire, stamping, cutting of metal sheet and varietal products including heat treatment with high-frequency currents (HFC)
  • Production of rubber and plastic products (Automated and automatic production lines of tiles, carpets, roll coverings and other products made of rubber, and also production lines of thermoformed and injection polymer products)
  • Waste collection, treatment and disposal; recycling of secondary raw materials (Automated and automatic sorting lines for SDW, recycling of polymers, rubber and organic waste, and also cullet, both mechanically and thermochemically)
  • Production of mineral products (Automated and automatic production lines of gypsum products, dry mixes, slag wool, decorative panels, etc.)
  • Production of petroleum products (Automated and automated plants for deep processing of oil, production of gasoline, resins and bitumen and other products of the oil industry)
  • Production of electricity, gas and steam (Innovative developments in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving, wind turbines, steam generators, etc.)

"Rostehno" performs work at all stages of the production of machines, not overpaying intermediaries. Therefore, we can offer not only impeccable quality and service support, but also the best prices in the post-Soviet space.

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