Equipment Repair / Upgrade / Maintenance

Our activity is not limited to production of the equipment and its start-up on object of the customer. The company "Rostehno" makes equipment repair and regular service maintenance, which allow you to maintain uptime of equipment in perfect condition. Thus, we prevent interruptions in the work of the enterprise and losses in earnings of our clients.


With the development of business, there are structural changes in the enterprises of our customers, and there is a need to expand or replace some units and machines to more modern ones. If you encounter such a need, Rostehno`s specialists will gladly come to the aid in the modernization of the installed equipment.

Service maintenance

The Rostehno`s Service Department has experienced engineers. They use modern tools, materials and special diagnostic equipment.

Preventive service maintenance, carried out by our company, includes the verification of several objects, which allows you to economize. Original components and expendables are used, and the guarantee is provided on the carried-out works.

Regular preventive service maintenance of equipment will help you avoid breakdowns and costly equipment repairs, and also premature wear of equipment parts.