Engineering / Project Development / Mechanical Engineering

"Rostehno" company has more than 16 years’ experience in equipment`s production, performing all stages of production - from project development to installation and commissioning it at the customer's site.

We make machines for domestic and foreign corporations. Among them there are enterprises of food and light industry, manufacturers of building materials, fuel, packaging and concerns, working in a variety of other areas.

Our advantages:

1. Personnel. The best constructors of the country are engaged in project development, each of them has years of experience;

2. Individual development. "Rostehno" is attentive to the needs of each client, and these are not empty words. We both carry out engineering of serial models and develop the equipment under features of the enterprise of the concrete customer.

3. In the creation of each project we use the latest innovations in mechanical engineering, which allows our customers to be always one-step ahead of competitors.

Price and terms of project development depend on many factors, such as the volume of the order, urgency, technical solutions used, etc.

Contact our Manager to order a project or calculation of the equipment, or send a request by e-mail.