Gypsum plasterboard.

Today the gypsum plasterboard is the most popular and one of the most environmentally friendly materials used in construction. It is produced in the form of fire-resistant sheets. The peculiarity of the gypsum plasterboard is that all the planes of the plate, except the end edges, have a cardboard coating firmly glued to the base of the material.


Production of the gypsum plasterboard offers several types of this material. They differ depending on the properties of the sheet. It can be standard, waterproof, fireproof, water-and fire-proof, vinyl, flexible, perforated and laminated. Standard gypsum plasterboard is used in rooms where humidity is up to 70%. The technology of waterproof gypsum plasterboard provides for the addition of silicone granules. This gypsum plasterboard is designed for use in cases where humidity is in the range of 85%. It should be noted that the effect of moisture on gypsum plasterboard on average should not exceed ten hours a day. The production technology of fireproof gypsum plasterboard requires adding glass fiber into its composition. It protects all layers of plaster from possible destruction under the influence of high temperatures. Water-and fire-proof gypsum plasterboard combines all the features of the previously mentioned types of materials for construction.
The main supplier of gypsum plasterboard to Russia – «Knauf» - hardly copes with enormous amount of orders. The second player in this market, gypsum plasterboard`s exporter to Russia - concern «Compagnie de Saint-Gobain SA» - also can`t fill the entire consumer space. Russia produces only 4% of these raw materials in the world. That's why today is the best time to start your own production of gypsum plasterboard. At minimal cost using equipment of the Rostehno group of companies you will have the opportunity to create own profitable business.
Stable and fast payback production of gypsum plasterboard has great prospects and in the near future will significantly improve your economic situation.
To start a company for the production of gypsum plasterboard, you will need only five million rubles, which will cover the cost of renting premises, buying equipment, raw materials and production actually.